Club Vacancies


Synchronised Swimming Coach x 2

We are looking for two synchro coaches to join the coaching team. The working hours are appoximately 10 to 15 hours on 3 week nights (Mon, Wed and Fri) and on Saturday mornings.

Whether you are an experinced synchro coach or an ex swimmer who want to developing in the coaching area, we would like to hear from you.

Junior Gym Coach x 1

We are looking for a gym coach who is can run strecthing sessions twice a week (Monday and Wednesday 5:30 - 6:45pm). The swimmers age from 10 - 17. They require flexibility and core strength to improve their performance in the water. The specific job requirements will be discussed with the club head coach.



The teasurer role is currently covered by another committee member. We need someone who can take on this role more permanently or on a longer term. This is an voluntery position, but we will show our appreciation by offering membership discount if you are associated with a swimmer, or other ways if you are an outsider who just wants to help.

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